Thursday, 26 April 2012

Take Ownership Of Live Changing Initiatives


Is non-profit oriented low income-community based organization.It was established in may 2012 to work hands in gloves with members of low income household to respond to the most urgent needs of the less fortunate members of the society.It is worth noting that the Trust is not affiliated to any religious organization or political party- it is totally independent.
Think about total orphaned children,those that lost their parents to HIV/AIDS,these children need food, shelter,schooling,school uniforms,clothes and above all love.
What about young little girls,do we really care about their rights?
Many if not few are dropping out of school or performing poorly due to lack of sanitary towels.For the last 6yrs almost three quarter of young girls in the range of 12-15 yrs have deserted parental homes on reasons based on cultural norms,in other way round, fear to face female genital mutilation(FGM)
Crime against girl child right is on the rise within low income families set-up,young girls as little as 12 yrs old are forcefully married to 56yrs. old men.It is monumental shame,but why do we sit and watch ills against girl child especially at this age of computer?
Poverty and lack of girl child rights awareness is wholly to blame,these girls lack education sponsorship.that is why they are forced into earlier marriages in exchange for wealth.
Many neglected disabled children are locked up in the house,you can participate in making a difference in their lives . 

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